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Bitcoin Guide for Beginners
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Bitcoin used to be confusing. Not any more.

Bitcoin can be difficult to understand. And what’s worse, most of the information out there just makes it more confusing.

This guide is changing that. Written specifically for beginners, it condenses two years of research into an in-depth and insightful report that’s still easy to read.

This guide will help you:

What's inside?

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Chapter 1
  • Intro
  • Bitcoin & Pokemon cards
  • So what actually is Bitcoin?
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Chapter 2
  • Where does Bitcoin’s value come from?
  • The problem with governments controlling money
  • Bitcoin as sound money
  • Why isn't Bitcoin being used as money?
  • Why Bitcoin is important
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Chapter 3
  • How the Bitcoin network works
  • Simple explanation
  • In-depth explanation
  • The 51% attack
  • Incentives
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Chapter 4
  • Wallets
  • Types of wallets
  • Buying Bitcoin
  • Using Bitcoin
  • Security
  • A note on Bitcoin 'hacks'
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Chapter 5
  • Bitcoin timeline
  • The scaling debate and forks
  • Lightning network - the solution to Bitcoin scaling?
  • Arguments against Bitcoin
  • What people thought Bitcoin would be used for

  • What it's likely to become
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Chapter 6
  • Last words
  • What's next?
  • Further reading
  • Disclaimer




No, the aim of this guide is to allow anybody to understand Bitcoin, even if they've never heard about it before. Bitcoin can get very technical, but it's kept to a minimum in this guide.

If you think Bitcoin isn't interesting then you just haven't learnt enough about it. Cryptocurrencies, whether Bitcoin or otherwise are the future of money, so understanding what they are and what they mean for the future is key to staying ahead of the curve.

Well that depends. If you're already a Bitcoin expert then nice work. But if you're like 99% of people and you still don't quite get it, or you just haven't heard much about it, then there's so much this guide can teach you.

Bitcoin touches on so many different fields, from cryptography and computer science, to economics and finance, to history and sociology. Unless you have a firm understanding of how all these fields and more impact Bitcoin, then you still have more to learn.

It's true, you could buy bitcoin instead and it might end up making you some money. But the value you'd get from investing in this guide will far outweigh that return, as better understanding what you're doing and why you're doing it will set you up for far greater future success.

No, this guide doesn't include anything about short-term 'day-trading'. But if you're interested in that, it's still incredibly valuable to understand where Bitcoin came from and where it's likely to go, so you can better predict its long term trajectory.

No it isn't, no it won't, and stop talking like that.

As we discuss in the guide, Bitcoin's price is probably the least interesting thing about it, even though it's what most people pay attention to. There's so much more to Bitcoin than just tracking its price every day, and this guide will show you why.

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Our money back guarantee

We feel so strongly that you’ll love this guide, that we’ll give you a full refund if you feel like you didn’t get enough value for money from it.

Simply contact us with your request, and if it’s not deemed unreasonable then we’ll happily return your money.

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This guide IS for you if:

  • You’re confused about Bitcoin and want to understand it better
  • You’re sick of reading technical explainers that don’t make any sense
  • You want a deeper understanding of why Bitcoin is important and how we got here
  • You have your doubts about Bitcoin but are willing to change your mind
  • You consider yourself a beginner or intermediate in your undertanding of Bitcoin
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This guide is NOT for you if:

  • You’re only interested in Bitcoin because you think it can make you rich quick
  • You think Bitcoin is stupid and aren’t willing to change your mind
  • You don’t want to understand the deeper implications behind Bitcoin
  • You just want day-trading info and hot tips

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